Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm
77 Fraser St , Tauranga

Professional Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist.

Quality training leads to excellence & skilled in caregiving.

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First Chinese Acupuncture Clinic in the Bay of Plenty, NZ!!

Thirteen years of New Zealand Experience. Worked with GP and Acupuncture professional groups(1995-present).

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Certificated Colon Hydrotherapist

We have International Certificated and registered technician.

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Why choose our Clinic

First Chinese Acupuncture Clinic in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand!!


Our clinic provides quality care for the elderly, children, and adult.

Certified Acupuncturists

Professional Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist

Professional Membership

From Acupuncture NZ & NZ Federation of Chinese Medical Science Inc.

Experienced Acupuncturists

Over 30 Years Experience.

The Benefits of Acupuncture

We offer gentle, safe and effective pain relief and help with many disorders as recommended by the World Health Organization.

I have a reputation amongst my clients, both in New Zealand and in China for being Gentle. Many needle-phobic people comment on what pleasant experience acupuncture is and others have said that my acupuncture treatments are the least painful they have experienced.

Only high quality sterilized needles are used. Each needle is disposed of after use and treatment will only be undertaken with fresh needles.

Skin penetration procedures are in line with the NZ Health Department Guidelines.
As a member of the NZ Register of Acupuncturists Inc. strict adherence to our Code of Ethics is ensured.

During my twenty years of clinical experience, I have helped many people with various disorders get back into the workforce and have improved the quality of life for many people.

Treatments Offered

At The Bay Chinese Acupuncture Clinic

Benefits Of Colon Hydrotherapy

"We Offer Gentle, Safe & Effective Pain Relief & Help With Many Disorders"

  • A loosening of mucus in the lungs
  • Improved bowel function that allows for better nutrient absorption
  • Looking and feeling younger
  • More energy
  • Improved range of motion
  • A clearer complexion
  • Smoother, tighter skin
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Feedback from Clients

“Well Rested! Clean’ feeling! ‘Healthy’! And I seem to be able to breathe better. My skin is good. My wife says I’m handsome again.”

- Christopher Hepi

"Before I started my colonic treatment I weighed 74 kilos. After the 2nd treatment, I weighed 70 kilos. After the 3rd treatment, 9 days after the 1st treatment, I weighed 68.5 kilos. "

- Alison Hulme

"We Offer Gentle, Safe & Effective Pain Relief & Help With Many Disorders"